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Flaggers heard using FRS


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6 hours ago, ChrisUnionNJ said:

I just got my GMRS WRMM550 and man it's

 like i'm learning all over from CB again..


Well, welcome to the world of confusion.  Folks here try to make some sense of it all (and they succeed) and we learn our radios all over again.  My Midland owners manual only scratches the surface of the MXT400 model.


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I suppose I might be a lucky, "Foul Player" too from way, way back in the day (2008 - 2010 maybe).

I purchased some Uniden GMR 1838 2CK radios (2) for a specfic trip (we don't remember now) for the family to stay in communication.  Just found them tucked away in the closet and remarkably, they still operate just fine on their Ni-MH battery packs with a charger.

Spooky that I can not recall WHY I purchased these but maybe for off-road trips (we always had CB's).

I did charge 'em up and used them while on a walk little over a half mile away.  The wife & I had good comms even with her inside the house all the time. 

Think I'll keep 'em. 



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