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Comet CA-712EFC 460-470Mhz base atenna review

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If you asked me I'd say it's a little late to be asking others how his antenna would perform if you have already bought it and will be installing it as soon as you can. It'sa question you should have asked before committing.

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Odd question now or not, I have had mine up on the roof @42' for the past six years. It has performed wonderfully for me. I did run 1/2' heliax cable from the antenna to the polyphase arrestor, which was then bonded to my ground system.

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Anyone using the above base antenna ? I would like to know how it is working for you. Will be putting it up today as soon as it arrives.

I use the antenna. Currently installed at 40+ feet. LMR400 into the radio shack, then adapter cable to radio. Excellent SWR at the antenna and in shack. No complaints.

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I have been building a portable repeater based on the Retevis RT-97. I was using a 5/8 until I received my Comet CA-712EFC. While it didn't extend my range appreciably, it did provide a very nice S/N improvement and helped fill in some 'holes' in coverage. My son lives 5 miles away in an apartment building with a lot of metal siding. He was able to find some spots in the apartment where his 4 watt handheld could hit the repeater reliably, but at best the signal was barely tolerable, lots of annoying fade.

With the Comet, he can talk from most spots in his apartment and sounds 'good', not great, but certainly a whole lot better with little fading (he still tends to forget to hold the antenna vertical).

While not in the professional, commercial, industrial duty antenna category, I would certainly rate it in the 'Prosumer' category. Easy to assemble and mount, with shrouded N connector, only a little more weight, and about the same wind load as my 5/8. My old antenna exhibited a 1.4:1 SWR attached to the RT-97. While the Comet is advertised as being 1.5 or less, when I tested it I could not see the return loss needle on my meter budge... so I rate it as 1.1 or less for my particular antenna (within my eyeball resolution of an analog SWR meter).

So all in all I am currently very pleased. We'll see how it ages.

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